Sweet Kandy

Kandy is one of the main cities in Sri Lanka. It importance in the culture and history of Sri Lanka is unmatched. Kandy lies the central province perched on the hills rich in flora and fauna. It rains throughout the year in Kandy, so keep your umbrella handy.

Kandy is well connected to all cities in Sri Lanka via train, buses, cabs and tuk tuk (auto-rickshaws). We took an Uber from Negombo to reach Kandy.

Kandy offers a wide range of activities and places. Here are some of the top places to visit and things to do here.

Take a stroll near Kandy Lake: The Lake is situated right in the heart of Kandy and has some really lovely restaurants and places of prominence around it. The lake is well kept and has a footpath on its circumference which makes it ideal for leisurely strolls.


Temple of the sacred tooth: This is one of the most prominent temples in Sri Lanka and houses the relic of the Buddha’s tooth. This temple is really beautiful and close to the Kandy lake. One thing to remember is never to take a selfie or photograph with your back towards the Buddha. This is considered disrespectful and could land you in trouble.

World Buddhist Museum: The museum houses relics and photographs of all the countries where Buddhism exists. It contains country wise data, photographs, artifacts and lovely statues of Buddha.


St Paul’s church: This is a beautiful Anglican church right next to the Royal Palace. The church has lovely decorative printed glass-work interiors. The church is right next to the Buddhist temple which shows rightly depicts the affinity of people from different religions

Local shopping center: Kandy offers a wide range of shopping options from local Sinhalese market to posh malls. One can shop to the hearts extent without breaking the bank. If you are looking for authentic Sri Lankan attire or some lovely Sarongs and love to bargain I would recommend the local market. If you want to buy renowned Sri Lankan and Iternational brands then head to the malls. If you really love to shop, do both.

Pinnawala Elephant orphanage: Although not in Kandy the orphanage is close to Kandy and if you are coming to Kandy from Colombo or Negombo its on the way. This place as the name suggest is an orphanage for the injured elephant who cant make it on their own in the jungle. Some might find the place to be cruel and too touristy its up to each one to decide. Find the time of the elephant bathing which is the main highlight of this place. Since we missed it, and seen plenty of elephants in India we found it quite mediocre.

Souvenirs: Kandy saree is a unique 3 piece saree which is traditional attire worn by the women in Kandy. Sarongs is another option and one of my favorite. For men one can choose among the plethora of colourful shirts worn by men. Another common souvenir is the elephant print T-Shirt which is available with different patterns and colors.

Kandy has a lot to offer and you can do a lot of things according to your interest so have fun and enjoy. So are you ready to experience Kandy?

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