Malvan: Where fish and adventure meet each other

I have always loved the sea and all that comes with it like food, waves, seashells, sunsets, water-sports. Although I come from a coastal state surprisingly I had never done any water-sports, so this time we decided that it was time to take it up and have a trip to Malvan. Malvan is situated on the western coast of Maharashtra towards the Goan border.

We started our journey from Goa to Malvan early in the morning at around 6 a.m. keeping in mind that the water sports in Malvan start by 9:30 a.m. Its fun to drive on empty roads with golden rice fields and coconut groves on either side.


We crossed lovely rivers, palm groves, hills and even clouds as we paved our way from one coastal state to another. As we reached Malvan we were welcomed by a narrow road, kids cycling around with big smiles on their faces.


We drove our car on the beach to go to the car parking point which was on the beach as well. This was amusing for me as I had never seen cars being driven on a beach before. We drove the car between the fishing boats and the sea. Overtaking handcarts and even Bullock carts on the way.

After we met our contact at the Dandi beach in Tarkali we decided to complete the water sports for day one and leave scuba and snorkeling for day two, as we were late. We had to head to our accommodation for a quick change of clothes for the water-sports.

Unfortunately our car just wouldn’t start. May be because of the long journey or a battery problem. Since the dashboard lights were still up we decided to try and start the car in an alternate way. My husband sat in the drivers seat trying to start the car, while the rest of us pushed the car as fast as we could till it started. Thankfully it wasn’t long before the car started. A great start to an adventurous weekend.


After a quick change of clothes we were ready for some adrenaline rush, enjoying the water sports. We had taken a package which included parasailing, jet skiing, banana ride and two other couch based rides. My favourite was parasailing as others were short rides. I missed the water dip in parasailing but regretted it soon after I landed back on the boat. My advise would be to take the dip its totally worth the extra 200 Rs.


After the water sports we had some quick refreshment from the local stalls and went for snorkeling against our previous decision of doing it on the second day. Actually our guide kind off tricked us in doing so by telling us that scuba and snorkeling might be cancelled if the will rain at night. Scared that we may lose both we decided to do snorkeling. Assured that we would still see the underwater corals and lot of fishes we finally gave in and went for snorkeling. It was a good experience but we hardly saw any fish. There were just 3 little yellow and black zebra striped fish.

We had a lovely lunch of Mackerel fish thali, the fish was very fresh and the curry was just lovely. Since we were in Malvan which along with Goa is notorious for being susegad, we went for our prized siesta.


We got up just in time for the sunset over the Sindhudurg fort. You can just sit on the shore and enjoy the sunset over a cup of coffee or hot tea.


During the low tide one can walk halfway towards the fort. The place is full of rocks which you can climb and sit. This is also a good point to view the lovely sunset.

Next we went to the Rock garden around Malvan Market. This is a really small garden where kids can play on the lawn or a swing set. You can skip this as it is not that special.

We then walked to a famous restaurant named “Athithi Bamboo”. I would recommend this one for really delicious and reasonably priced food. They offer a variety of thali’s like fish, veg, mutton, chicken,etc. I loved the food.


Just before we went to sleep we went to the beach to find a myriad of fishing boats which had returned from the sea with their catch. The fisher-folk were busy separating the fish and cleaning their nets.


The next day we had our breakfast with Steamed modaks(need to order the night before) and then headed for scuba diving. The entire experience was magical. We got to see some really big corals and a variety of fish. The underwater world is really beautiful. I was glad I had one thing off my bucket list.


We paid a visit to the devbaug beach which is a meeting point of the river and the sea. There are a few resturants along the coast where one can just laze on a hammock and sip on Keri-panna or kokam sarbut. We bought some freshly fished Mackerels and headed back to Goa.

All in all Malvan is a lot like Goa in the 90’s. With its narrow roads, laterite compound walls and houses and fresh fish. It is as Susegad as Goa, People are ever smiling and helpful. But the highlight of the trip was the scuba diving experience. If you love water, head to tarkali before it gets spoilt by tourism and globalisation.

I have added our contact details for your perusal . Pravin Kubal :+91 8459137552


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