Singapore: The Lion city

Singapore is an island city country, situated south of the Malay peninsula. The country lies 1° north of the equator which causes Singapore to have an equatorial climate. The fact that Singapore’s climate doesn’t vary a lot makes it have tourists throughout the year. Singapore is well connected, safe, cultural rich and very hygienic. Making Singapore an ideal tourist destination for solo and family travelers.

Gardens by the Bay:


As the name suggests this is a garden overlooking the Singapore Strait. But this is no ordinary garden, the garden is spread over a large area containing greenhouses, super-trees which are vertical gardens, waterfront gardens and a sky-walk. The ‘Super-Trees’ or ‘Super-groove’ as these are called have a light and music show which is mesmerizing. The place gets really crowded during the show so my advise would be to go early especially if you would like to take a walk on the skywalk or eat at the restaurant placed on top of the ‘Super-tree’. If you just want to lie down and watch the show find a place at the bottom of the groove and enjoy yourself. This was my favourite part of the entire Singapore trip and I would recommend the show for all.

Marina Bay Sands hotel:


The iconic Marina Bay Sands is a posh hotel at the north of the gardens and has a casino, a mall, two theaters and a convention centre. The resort has 3 towers who’s arthitechture is inspired by a deck of cards. The Mall inside the resorts has a small canal running inside it where one can catch a boat and enjoy a ride.

Merlin Park:

The Merlion is the official mascot of Singapore. The Merlion park is usually crowded with tourists. Merlion is a mythical creature which is has the head of the lion and the tail of the fish. The fish depicts Singapore’s origin from a small fishing village into the magnificent lion that it is today. Singapore means the city of lion(Singa).

The National orchid garden:


The national Orchid garden of singapore is placed inside the Singapore botanical gardens. Singapore has a lot of gardens but the orchid garden is famous for housing more than 500 species of orchids. Some of these orchids are named after famous celebrities and politicians all over the world. If you absolutely love flowers specially orchid you have to go to this garden. If you are not a great fan of orchids and don’t want to pay the fees for it, then you could skip this part and enjoy the scenic Singapore botanical gardens, which is free and full of lush green trees.

Thian Hock Keng temple:


Singapore has a lot of temples but I would recommend paying a visit to the Thian Hock Keng temple, which is Singapore’s oldest Chinese temple dedicated to Mazu, the sea goddess. The second temple would be the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown.


Singapore has tropical fruits which are not found in other regions, one such fruit is durian. Durian is notorious for is smell and strong taste. Tasting durian is a one in thousand chance as you find this fruit only in South East Asia. If you are game enough to try and taste an unique experience. I would recommend trying a durian.

The Sentosa Island is a perfect family trip resort. The resort is built on a man made island and has a lot of adventure rides, shows, hotels, panoramic views and sandy beaches.

Singapore is well connected from major Asian countries thanks to Air Asia’s affordable flights. All in all it is a modern country which is a great place for family or solo vacations.

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