Paris in 8 hours

The CDG airport in Paris is a popular transit location and if you have more than 8 hours to wait for your connecting flight in France, then you get a chance to explore the “city of love”. Paris has very good public transport system and one can explore the city by using the Paris metro, which is both fast and economic.

First thing to do once you are have done your immigration is to buy a metro ticket to the desired location or a day pass. I would recommend the later as you can take multiple journeys on this saving both time and money. There is a metro station at the CDG airport from where you can get your pass and the metro itself.

Eiffel tower:

The world renowned architectural marvel is worth your time. You can go on top of the tower which is quite time consuming or indulge in the tasty snacks from the few shops at the base of the structure. Either way the Eiffel tower is magnificent and a must see.

Notre-Dame de Paris:

The cathedral is a small walk from the metro station. It’s one of the best Gothic architectural masterpieces and is a part of many French novels like ‘The hunchback of Notre-Dame’. The cathedral is on the banks of the river Seine and looks beautiful.

There are lot of shops inside the airport where you can enjoy a drink in the roadside cafes. Try croissants, macaroons and others local dishes. Take in the scenery and most importantly enjoy yourself.


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