A lovely day in Malacca/Melaka

Malacca is a beautiful city on the west coast of the Malaysian peninsula. Malacca was under the occupation of British, Dutch and the Portuguese. People of different cultures like Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kristang, and Dutch Eurasian live here. This place is a perfect example that people can live together in harmony despite their religions or ethnicity.

Malacca is 3 hours away from Kaula Lumpur and Singapore and has regular buses from Melaka Sentral, which makes it a perfect weekend holiday for people from both these places. As soon as we arrived in Malacca we were greeted with boards of “Don’t mess with Melaka”, an innovative way to remind everyone not to litter the place and the lovely sea.


The Dutch and Portuguese colonial history of the place is preserved in the red square and Bukit St. Paul. The ruins of the ST. Paul church which once held the remains of none other than St. Francis Xavier overlooks the Christ church which is an UNESCO Heritage site and attracts lot of tourists.


Malacca has Portuguese settlement known as the Portuguese square where one can feast on Portuguese cuisine and lots of Sea food.


Melaka Straits mosque is one of the most modern and beautiful mosques around the world. The mosque is located on a man made island and it seems as if it is floating over the Straits of Malacca.


A walk by the Jonker street is treat to the eye. The street is filled with eateries, jewelry and clothes shops. Coming from a former Portuguese colony myself  I found some familiar food items like the “Putu Piring” which are basically steamed rice cakes with coconut Jaggery. These are called as “Godachi San’na” in Goa.  I was very excited and tried the “Putu” to make sure there were just as delicious as their Goan counterpart.


Another local delicacy with same name is the “Dodol”. In Goa this is made of coconut milk and rice flour, interestingly Malacca has added its own local ingredients and fruits to make different forms of dodol like durian dodol.


If you want to get in touch with your crazy self than try the decorated cycle rickshaws which are complete with light and music. These cycles have songs from every country which are played according to the passengers ethnicity. They instinctively played Bollywood songs when they came near us.

If the fancy cycles are not your type, fret not, there are lot of other choices. You can choose a cycle according to your group size.

Malacca has something for everybody may it be nature lovers, history buffs, foodies or just plain tourists. Spending just one day here made me fall in love with it. So pack your bags and head to Malacca.

Published by SusegadSavi

My name is Savika, I'm a foodie hit by the travel bug. Susegad is commonly associated with the laid back attitude which perfectly describes me. I Love to travel whenever possible. Which allows to meet new people, eat new food and learn more about different cultures. I love to share my travel stories with everyone. I am currently working in an IT firm

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